About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an age-old therapeutic technique which is recognised by many branches of conventional medicine. It is a natural state where you will be comfortable and relaxed. You will be able to hear and converse with the therapist and retain a full and accurate memory of the session.   Hypnosis is induced by the therapist’s voice, making you more aware and alert than usual - you will certainly not lose control nor can you be manipulated against your will at any time. Used appropriately, hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment for many behavioural and/or emotional problems, including confidence and motivation issues, stress and anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks, weight issues, relationship difficulties, (driving/exam) test nerves, public speaking and sports enhancement.  There are various types of techniques that can be carried out by the therapist when the client is in a hypnotised state.  A hypnotherapy session does not necessarily automatically mean the therapist will use hypnosis; sometimes just talking to someone who is completely independent, and without judgement, can help you through the issue. In some cases, the aim is to guide you to help you understand more about yourself so that you are able to make the necessary changes in your life.

Hypnotherapy Southend

Treatment Types

Quit Smoking  

Weight Loss 

Fears and Phobias 


Self Confidence and Self Esteem  

Goal Attainment  



Test Fears (eg. exams or driving test)  

Pain Management 

Breaking Habits  

Hypnotherapy Southend


Having completed the Chrysalis Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills in May 2019 I am now opening my services to client. Based at my Leigh on Sea flat, just a few minute walk from Chalkwell train station. I am qualified with an AIM Awards Level 3 Certificate (Cert.Hyp CS) and continue to progress my studies with a Chrysalis AIM level diploma in Counselling working to become a Therapeutic Skills Practitioner.  My home is limited street parking with side streets spaces a short walk away.      I offer an hours hypnotherapy session from the comfort of a recliner chair and quiet environment (sessions may run up to an hour an half depending on the presenting issue)  Due to recently qualifying and working from my home living area my sessions are discounted to £35.  The first session is a consultation to discuss the presenting issue followed by an induction to relax the body and mind where by you would hope to enter a light trance. I then carry out gentle soothing suggestion work for your relaxed mind to soak up and therefore remaining with you after the session.  My hours below are variable and can be adjusted based on request.




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SS9 1FN, Leigh-On-Sea, Southend-On-Sea, England, United Kingdom

Tel- 07946886031 Email - molly@newperspectivestherapy.co.uk


Open today

10:00 – 17:00